Lectures and Courses: Yoga from a historic-anthropological perspective

As an anthropologist, researcher, educator and writer, Dr. Duran has been interesed in mobility and migration for decades. The history of humanity and culture is the history of mobility, she means. Not only people, but also ideas, music, ideologies, food, images, rituals and products travel through time and space.The results of her research have been published in books and well-known international magazines; she has given hundreds of lectures in more than 12 countries.

Yoga also has traveled and continous to change: this is also a subject of intellectual interest for Dr. Duran. She has offered undergraduate and graduate universitary seminars on this subject. Additionally, she is currently starting a new research proyect to this theme.

Morning Glow Yoga

Morning Glow Yoga con Alma is a breath centric and complete practice that increases your strength, balance and concentration. Departing from a therapeutic orientation, each session is adaptable to all bodies, sizes and conditions. Morning Glow Yoga is active yet accessible, perfect for those new to yoga, recovering from an injury, who are facing certain challenges, and/or who wish to refresh their practice.

After this session, you will feel centered and greet the morning with joy, embarking on your daily adventures with intention and confidence.

Pricing: Single class is 170 pesos; a 4-consecutive-class-pass is 550 pesos; ask about sliding scale. Please BYOM and a large towel.

The sessions take place in a beautiful and fresh 2nd floor room in Café Montejo, in the barrio de Santiago; there are fan ceilings. Reservations are required (button below); if you have any questions please use the form at the end of this page to contact me.

One to one yoga/meditation/mindfulness lessons

Do you want to get personalize instruction based on your goals, health condition, lifestyle, and body type? Then private lessons will be right for you! Departing from your present condition and your goals, I can help you to find the right adaptations for you, improve your technique, increase your motivation, try unfamiliar movements, support your wellness goals, and cultivate an individual holistic program.

Private classes are specially beneficial when you work on a specific health issue - like insomnia, pain, cancer, immune deficiency, or anxiety-, to better manage injury recovery, or when you want do improve your confidence to practice in group settings. Through them you will develop a personal practice and attain a greater appreciation and knowledge of your own body-breath-mind connection, as well as its potential and limitations.

Get one-on-one attention in a private space that takes your personal needs into account! Fill out the contact form to learn more about private yoga packages to receive more information on how to schedule a session in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room.


¿Deseas obtener instrucción de yoga y/o meditación personalizada de acuerdo con tus metas, estilo de vida y condición físico-mental actual? Entonces lo mejor para ti es recibir clases privadas. Tomando en consideración cómo te encuentras ahorita y tus objetivos a lograr, te ayudaré a adaptar los ejercicios yógicos para que los puedas realizar de una manera mas benéfica, que mejores tu técnica al ejecutarlos, aumentes tu motivación y conocimiento, pruebes algunas secuencias nuevas y a que cultives un programa regular completo y holístico. Es especialmente recomendado tomar clases privadas cuando estás lidiando con algún reto físico especial- como insomnio, ansiedad, cancer, problemas inmunologicos, o dolor crónico- cuando te estás recuperando de alguna lastimadura o accidente, o cuando piensas que no te sentirías bien en una clase grupal. Este tipo de sesiones te guiarán en la creación de una práctica personal diaria especial para ti, ayudándote al mismo tiempo a cultivar más consciencia de cómo tu mente-cuerpo-espíritu se relacionan , así como de tus limitaciones y tu potencial.

Obtén atención personalizada en un espacio privado que se centra en tus necesidades. Llena por favor la forma de contacto en ésta página y con gusto te enviaré más información.

Prana-Restorative Yoga

Prana is your vital energy. Restore and renew it with this practice that will help you relax deeply. 
In these private and small group sessions we explore chosen key poses that are relevant for your condition while focusing on the breath; being supported by props will give you a unique mellow feeling. Selected meditations, music, and essential oils will deepen your experience. At the end, your body and mind will feel open and refreshed. 

Please contact Dr. Duran for more information.

Smart Moves

These yoga sessions concentrate on basic yoga movements/positions and breathing/concentration techniques needed for daily life. This in accessible class in which several options are offered for each movement/sequence presented, so that all can experience Yoga in a way that is safe, strengthening, nurturing and respectful. Given the special attention given to the participants, the group is kept small.

Please use the form below to contact Dr. Duran for more details.

Walking Up to Life: Yoga, Mindfulness and Culture Retreat with Dr. Alma Duran


Retreat in Nueva Altia EcoHotel, Santa Elena, Yucatán, México

Thursday January 30th - Sunday February 2th, 2020

This retreat, conducted in English, combines integral yoga and an introduction to mindfulnes, while offering you the opportunity to explore selected aspects of the ancient and modern Maya culture.

In this supportive, healing, and inspiring atmosphere you will be able to develop and deepen your practice, as well as to rest and renew. We will be staying at a beautiful and comfortable Eco Hotel where you can be in contact with nature.

This retreat is open to all. The practices are presented in an accessible way that is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience. 

If you are interested in joining me for this nourishing retreat in the heart of The Mayan Puuc, please request an information package per e-mail: yoga_con_alma@outlook.com

Can make it? Be informed about the next opportunities to practice Yoga con Alma in Yucatán… sign up to mailing list in this website.

¿Desearía participar en un retiro de Yoga con Alma en español? Por favor regístrese en mi lista de correos o envíame un mensaje: yoga_con_alma@outlook.com.


Following the yoga4cancer methodology created by Tari Prinster, this specialized class services the needs of cancer survivors. Selected practices are sequenced in an active and special manner to assist students in counteracting the side effects and longterm/permanent side effects of cancer treatments and their sequels. Special care is placed, so that the sessions promote strength, flexibility and mobility at the same time that they are safe, healing, and nourishing.

Dr. Duran is available for small group and individual yoga4cancer sessions. A weekly group class is being formed; please send her a message if you will like to be included in the mailing list.

Yoga Accesible: fuerza, balance y movilidad

!El yoga es para tod@s! En estas sesiones las posiciones de yoga son adaptadas para que personas mayores puedan de manera segura y efectiva beneficiarse de la práctica del yoga. También las técnicas de respiración, meditaciones y filosofía lógicas se modifican para que tod@ se puedan sentir cómodos, seguros y bienvenidos. Se utilizan sillas cuando es necesario, asi como otros props.

Esta clase fue ofrecida por la Dra. Duran de forma gratuita cada semana por año medio (2017-2018) en las instalaciones de La Felicidad Comienza A.C., en Mérida. Viniendo de un linaje yógico que valora el compartir las enseñanza del yoga con aquellos que de otra forma no tendían acceso a él, realizó esta labor como Karma Yoga.

Si usted está interesad@ en este tipo de práctica, favor de llenar el formulario que aparece al final de ésta página.

Yoga Nidra

Besides being a meditation method, YOGA NIDRA is considered the ultimate relaxation technique. In this journey, in which the participants find themselves between wakefulness and sleep, is possible to relax deeply, renew and refresh, as well as modify thought patterns.
These sessions will be especially beneficial for those who wish to reduce their stress levels, feel exhausted, are continuously facing challenges, or have accumulated mental, physical and emotional stress. No experience is necessary.

Private and small group sessions can be arranged. Please refer to Dr. Duran through the contact form in this website.

Yoga para tu bienestar

YOGA PARA TU BIENESTAR es una clase integral y adaptable a las necesidades de los participantes. Cada sesión incluye Asanas (posturas) con que te fortalecerás y ganarás movilidad, flexibilidad, balance y coordinación. Estas Asanas están guiadas por la respiración (Pranayama), y pueden ir acompañadas de meditaciones, Mudras, y otras técnicas yógicas que te permitirán mejorar tu respiración, calmando al mismo tiempo tu mente y tus emociones. Varias posiciones de yoga restaurativa son incluidas en cada sesión. El ritmo de la clase es pausado y consciente; cada estudiante recibe las modificaciones necesarias para que pueda disfrutar de la práctica y beneficiarse de la misma.

Para mas información contacta directamente al estudio Sol y Tierra Yoga, tel: ‭(999) 9250 248‬, correo electrónico: yogasolytierra@gmail.com .

Para dudas y preguntas, favor de llenar el formulario que aparece al final.